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My Cure for Acne + Dry Skin This entry was posted by Douglas McCoy on August 31, 2014 at 11:46 am The most necessary aspect of having the best skin possible is starting with the perfect cleanser and moisturizer. While some of us tend to brand hop, using a cleanser from one brand and a moisturiz

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Our cordless microdermal skin needling pens operate at 8,500 RPM, have lithium ion batteries, and offer 4-hours of treatment usage for a 45-minute charge. Electric MD Pen The electric version of the MD Pen micro skin needling offers a powerful motor and up to 13,500 RPM, resulting in greater ease of treatment and increased comfort for the patient. Needle Options All MD Pens come with 32-gauge stainless steel skin needles in a sterile needlehead offering a controlled depth of injury from 0.25 mm – 2.75 mm for a range of treatment protocols. We offer two needlehead options to help with customizing each treatment to the needs of your patient. Each Refine Needle features 160 mini micro needles for performing more superficial treatments. EachRestore Needle features 12 standard micro needles for treating all face and body areas.

Skin Care Routine! My Cure for Acne + Dry Skin | Dry Skin Care

hey hun try getting an epilator if u have high pain tolerance. I have a braun one and it changed my life. I use it for underarms and legs. Gladys to see you again. I hope all is working out in London for you.

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